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What's Inside

Sahih Muslim

Volume 1

"Translated by Adil Salahi, a modern scholar of great acclaim, this immense work is available for the FIRST TIME IN ENGLISH and is an essential addition to every Muslim library." -Publisher description. Cuddle up with some chocolate chip date cookies and a Moroccan pillow and delve right into this thought provoking commentary on Sahih Muslim. 



Velvet Accent Pillows

This 10x10 velvet accent pillow custom-made for Bismillah Box is inspired by motifs found throughout Morocco and West Africa. These accent pillows would be a wonderful addition to a bedroom, sofa, or accent chair. Choose between the white background or black background. 


Chocolate Chip Cookies

from LK Cookies

These ooey-gooey cookies are made by California-based, Muslim bakery LK Cookies. Choose between chocolate chip or date-walnut chocolate chip. Treat yourself to this delicious American dessert staple as the weather gets colder!



from Sewak Smile

The first item in our "It's Sunnah!" Series is fresh miswak from Sewak Smile. Prophet Mohammad PBUH is reported to have used this stick from the root of a tree called "Salvadora persica" to clean his teeth. Use this all-natural toothbrush to clean your teeth after you eat those yummy cookies from LK Cookies! 


Sahih Muslim Print

from Inspired by Bloom

We thought it appropriate to include a print quoting Sahih Muslim to go along with the copy of Sahih Muslim Volume 1 included in each Bismillah Box this month.  This custom print features a Moroccan tile background and was designed exclusively for Bismillah Box by Inspired by Bloom.