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What's Inside

Big Little Steps:

A Woman's Guide to Embracing Islam

 Written by French revert Mathilde Loujayne, this beautiful book is full of a love for Islam and for Allah swt, and is a wonderful read for both reverts and lifelong Muslimahs. Plus, it shares the same pink as our Bismillah Box design! 



Crescent Moon and Star Necklace

This beautiful thread-through necklace features both the crescent moon and star and is available in gold or silver. 18k gold plating. 


Happy Flower Soap or Lavender Charcoal Soap

from Czarina Beauty

The Happy Flower soap from Czarina Beauty is made using seven different flowers (including lavender, rose, jasmine, calendula, and chamomile) and chia seeds and has antiseptic, antiaging, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral properties.
The Lavender Charcoal soap, though not as cheerful in appearance, is perfect for acne prone skin with its ingredients of charcoal, lavender, and teatree oil.


Fuzzy Crescent Moon Socks

Get comfy with the warm and fuzzy lavender crescent moon socks in this month's Bismillah Box! They have pretty ribbon bows on the ankles for an added touch of whimsy!



 Islamic Stickers

 from Designed by Sanna

A set of beautiful stickers with Islamic phrases including Salam, mashallah, and bismillah. We are happy to welcome our box designer back into this month's Bismillah Box with her latest product!