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What's Inside 

A Place of Refuge

by Asmaa Hussein

We are so excited to include this new release from the author of the touching book that swept the Muslim community A Temporary Gift. 

Publisher Description: In a series of powerful and thought-provoking essays, Asmaa Hussein draws on her experience maintaining resilience and strength in the face of overwhelming personal hardships. With moving pieces that address the realities of single parenthood, the challenges of maintaining a healthy private life while living in the public eye, and the effects of old traumas, Hussein makes insightful spiritual connections between her lived experiences and stories from the Quran and sunnah.


Slate Coasters

a Bismillah Box Exclusive in Partnership with Two Craftistas

A coordinating pair of slate coasters designed exclusively by Bismillah Box in partnership with Two Craftistas. Reading "Health, Comfort, Happiness" in English and Arabic script, these words are used throughout the Arab Muslim world to encourage guests and loved ones to enjoy their meal. In other words, Bon Appetit!


Kabbah Notebook

from Islamic Moments

The latest in Islamic Stationary from Islamic Moments features a depiction of the Kabbah on a celebratory background with our favorite phrase, "Bismillah!"


Chocolate Covered Oreo

from Syl's Delights

A Chocolate Covered Oreo surrounded by White Chocolate and featuring a little depiction of the Kabbah by Syl's Delights is included in each Bismillah Box. Syl's Delights have been featured on Muslim Mommy Blog and her delicious treats, including chocolate covered oreos, dates, and cake pops featuring Islamic motifs, are sweeping across the Muslim IG community!



Ablution Bottle

A handy, cute, and collapsible Ablution Bottle is included in each Bismillah Box. This inconspicuous bottle rolls up easily to be stored in a purse or bag when not in use.  Keep this cute reusable bottle on hand when out and about and just fill with sink water when needed. 


Exclusive Kabbah Print

from Ingy Illustrations

This month's Bismillah Box includes an Exclusive Print from Germany based Ingy Hamza of Ingy Illustrations. The words "Someday, inshAllah" wrap around a deipction of the Kabbah on a bed of florals in Ingy's signature style, in a nod to the fact that no one will be going on the Pilgrimage this year, as well as a timeless keepsake to remember our desire to go on Hajj someday, inshAllah.  We have been watching Ingy since she launched on IG late last year mashallah and are so happy to have her as a part of this month's Bismllah Box as well as our Bismillah Box Kids.